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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

·        Our TV parts are warrantied with a wonderful 90 days that covers any exchanges or any credited exchanges for a different item. The customer has an option to get a replacement part for a similar model or a completely different model. The customer as well has an option to return the item and receive a credit for the purchase price only which can be used for further purchases.

·        As far as a refund goes our customers get a 60 day time frame which covers their money via PayPal or any other payment gateway.

·        All TV Parts are mixed with new and used parts but they are listed as a used item we do not specify if it is new or used on the listing.

·        Outbound Shipping Charges will NOT be refunded unless specified otherwise.

·        If in any case a customer receives an item that got damaged during the outbound delivery process, we would need to be informed about this issue. Once we get informed about the damages we will contact the outbound shipping carrier and file a damage call tag and damage claim. If the carrier determines that the item got damaged only THEN will the customer receive a FULL refund.