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6916L-1710B Replacement LED Backlight Strip

  • $10.00
  • Brands LG Electronics
  • Product Code: 42LB650V-ZN 42LB561V-ZE 42LB561V-ZC 42LB561U-ZE 42LB561U-ZC
  • Availability: 3

• Part Type: LED Strips

• Part Number: 6916L-1710B

• Part Usage: LED/LCD

• MFR Part Number 1: LG AGF78402101

• MFR Part Number 2: LG LATWT420RYLZK.H1X

• MFR Part Number 3: LG 6916L-1710B

• Board Number(s): 6916L-1710A,

LG INNOTEK DRT 3.0 42" A TYPE REV01 2014.01.07, LG INNOTEK DRT 3.0 42" B TYPE REV01 2014.01.07 • Panel Sticker Number: LC420DUE-FGA3 • Panel Manufacturer: LG • Brands: Lg

IMPORTANT: If you are replacing LEDs in an LG TV, it is recommended that you install the latest TV software after installation to minimize the risk of repeat LED failure. On Smart TV models, please update software from the Setup menu. For non-Smart TV models, please visit LG's TV support website for software update instructions.

• TV Part Types: LED Light Strip

• TV Models: Lg 42LB650V-ZN 42LB561V-ZE 42LB561V-ZC 42LB561U-ZE 42LB561U-ZC 42LB561B-ZC 42LB5610-ZC 42LB582V-ZG 42LB582V-ZJ 42LB582U-ZJ 42LB582B-ZJ 42LB5820-ZJ 42LB580V-ZD 42LB580V-ZB 42LB580U-ZB 42LB580V-ZA 42LB580V-ZM 42LB563U-ZT 42LB563V-ZT 42LB653V-ZK 42LB652V-ZA 42LB650V-ZA 42LB631V-ZL 42LB630V-ZA 42LB629V-ZM 42LB552V-ZA 42LB552U-ZA 42LB551V-ZC 42LB551U-ZC 42LB550V-ZA 42LB550U-ZA 42LB550B-ZA 42LB5500-ZA 42LB565V-ZQ 42LB565U-ZQ 42LB580U-ZM 42LB580B-ZM 42LF6200 42LF6500 42LB6200 42LB5300 42LB5550 42LB5500 42LB582V 42LX330C-UA 42LX530S-UA 42LF5500 42LF5800-UA 42LF5600-UB BUSDLJM 42LF5600-UB BUSYLOR 42LF5600-UB AUSYLOR 42LF5600-UB BUSYLJR 42LF5600-UB AUSYLJR 42LB5600-UZ BUSWLJR 42LB5600-UZ BUSWLR 42LB5600-UZ BUSWLOR 42LB5500-UC 42LB5800-UG 42LY340C-UA BUSWLJR 42LF5610 42LF580V 42LB5800-ZM 42LB572V-ZP 42LB572U-ZP 42LB570V-ZK 42LB570V-ZJ 42LB570V-ZF 42LB570V-ZB 42LB570U-ZK 42LB570U-ZJ 42LB570U-ZB 42LB570B-ZK 42LB570B-ZB 42LB5700-ZK 42LB5700-ZB 42LY320C 42LF5800 42LB6500-UM

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