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55.31T06.C29 (37T04-C0G, T370HW02) T-Con Board

  • $34.40$43.00
  • Brands AU Optronics
  • Product Code: HSG1076 NS-L322Q-10A
  • Availability: 1
  • Part Type: T-Con Board, LCD Controller, Control Board, CTRL Board, Timing Control
  • Part Number: 55.31T06.C29
  • Part Usage: LCD
  • Board Number(s): 37T04-C0G, T370HW02
  • Substitute Parts: 55.37T05.C01, 55.37T05.C09, 55.46T03.C39, 55.40T03.C11, 55.37T05.C05, 55.46T03.C07, 55.46T03.C17, 55.37T05.C08, 55.46T03.C21, 55.46T03.C22, 55.31T06.C31, 55.37T04.C35, 55.46T03.C14, 55.31T06.C28, 0940-0000-3040, 55.46T03.C25, 55.31T06.C04, 55.46T03.C37, 55.31T06.C23, 55.31T06.C16, 55.46T03.C08, 55.37T04.C42, 55.31T06.C18, BN81-02368A, BN81-02345A, 55.37T04.C31, 55.40T03.C10, 55.37T05.C28, 55.37T04.C29, 55.46T03.C26
  • Panel Sticker Number: T315HW02 V.7
  • Panel Manufacturer: AU Optronics
  • Brands: Hannspree, Insignia
  • Important Message: Part number can be found on the sticker.

    IMPORTANT: Horizontal lines on the screen are virtually NEVER caused by a bad T-con board. Horizontal lines indicate a defective LCD panel (screen).
  • TV Part Types: T-Con
  • TV Models:






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